Passport smartphone 2

The 5 Superb Android phones that took the floor in CES 2015

Every year, tech giants from around the world gather in CES to showcase their upcoming products. CES 2015 was no ...

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Xiaomi  4

Xiaomi is the new game changer in India’s cellphone market

The last year saw Samsung stepping down as India’s leading smartphone provider as Micromax moved up to grab the spot. ...

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Google Nexus 6  1

Phone comparisons – Google Nexus 6 versus One Plus One

It is a good exercise to compare two well known mobile phones and see which one gets the best value ...

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Sony Xperia Z3 2

The five cellphones that made waves in 2014

It is not an easy task to choose the best smart phone out of so many available in the market. ...

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Siemens Gigaset SL910A 1

Down to action: 5 Stylish and functional phones

When the mobile world is seeing the advent of newer, sleeker and more stylish mobile phones every day, why leave ...

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using phablet

Could the phablet prove to be a smartphone and tablet killer?

First it was the smartphone that ruled the market. Then it was the turn of the tablet. And now, it ...

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Cell phone unlocking should be legal, and stay legal

Cell phone unlocking is a practice to change phone’s settings to work with any cellular network. Unlocking phones is important ...

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What does a CA certificate say about your website?

When customers or users use your website, they want to know that they are safe. Likewise, most people won’t input ...

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Big dragonfly notebook wallet case

6 Lovely Android cases that derive inspiration from books

A lot of us love to show our hobbies and likes by displaying them as skins and cases for our ...

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models wearing Samsung Gear S bands

Samsung Gear S to get Designer Bands by Diesel Black Gold

Samsung may soon have a diesel black gold edition and it’s almost confirmed to be true. With the videos doing ...

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7 of the Coolest Accessories you can buy for your Tablet

Tablets are everywhere at the moment, with everyone seeming to own one. It’s easy to see why though, as they’re ...

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i phone  5s cover

Best iPhone 5S Covers to protect your cherished handset

The advance functions and utility of the mobile phones have made them a must have for all the people of ...

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Top Games for 2015

Casinos have become quite a frenzy these days. However, people aren’t willing to go all the way to casinos. Moreover, ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note III_2

Gaming Trends that Rocked 2014

Not all online games make you feel good. However, some of them are so nice that they offer you playing ...

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Baldur’s Gate 1&2 Enhanced Edition

Excellent role-playing games for your mobile device

We all love playing games as they are a lovely recreational activity. Increased popularity of smartphones and tablets means developers ...

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Top action games for Android smartphones in may 2014

A number of new games are arriving, as developers continue to bring a great quantity and quality games. If you ...

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Apps Review

Android phone apps

Apps that make it easier to find your Android phone

The best thing about owning an Android phone is that there are innumerable Android apps available online (on Google Play ...

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Mobile apps

Benefits Of Apps You May Not Have Considered:-Overview of using apps and their usefulness in everyday life

There is no doubt that the advent of modern technology has revolutionised the world in many ways and allowed us ...

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New Samsung Galaxy Tab S – World’s most entertaining device

From wearing matching PJ’s to over-the-top decorating, Kristen and Dax know how to do it big for the holidays. This ...

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mobile app_7

Most useful voice changing apps for your device

Voice changer apps are the coolest thing with which you can change in your voice according to your wishes and ...

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