Installing Pokemon GO on your Windows 10 Mobile device

Pokémon Go is the latest trending game and is available on Android and iOS platforms. However, there is no official ...

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Here are some ideas for putting your old smartphone to use

After buying a new smartphone, the old smartphone is un-usable due to its incompetencies with the modern technology. We either ...

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Why Android phones slow down over time and how to speed them up

Most of the Android devices slow down after some period of usage. However, the slowing of the Android phone has ...

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Here’s why Microsoft’s mobile push fell flat despite the Nokia acquisition

Microsoft acquired Nokia’s phone business for a whopping $ 7.2 billion in 2014. However, this year Microsoft has laid off ...

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Enhance your memory with these brain training games

Our brain is a super computer but we do not make the best use of this superpower. Sharpen your brain ...

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Google Arts  AND Culture app   (2)

Google Arts & Culture app offers a reinvented experience of the world of art

Google Cultural Institute has developed a new app that creates an unparalleled experience for art and culture enthusiasts. The app ...

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Check if your Android phone

Check if your Android phone has malicious tracking or tapping software

While phones were once just used to call or text someone, they now contain information far beyond just names. These ...

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Narrative Clip 2

Stretch your smart phone’s limitations with these smart accessories

Smartphones have created new kinds of chaos and new forms of orders in our lives. They have suddenly taken over ...

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Drone is a portable gaming controller

Cool game controllers you should try on your Android gadgets

With a large number of developers focusing on the gaming universe, mobile gaming has reached a new high with better ...

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Smartphone  on silent mode

How to find your Smartphone when it is on silent mode

The insane way smartphones control our lives makes it difficult for us when we suddenly lose our phone or it ...

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ADT Pulse

Best home automation apps for avid homemakers and interior designers

Imagine yourself reading this in a room where you can adjust the lights for better readability with the help of ...

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Finger Pressing Get Rich on Transparent Glass

5G – How Life Changing Can A Simple Change in Number Be?

Until we got 4G, we never realized how awesome internet speeds could be on our mobile phones. Everyone loved it ...

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