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Notable phones that offer 4 gigs of RAM

One of the best gadgets that almost all of us use every hour is but of course our smart phones. ...

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Connetech iPhone 6 Plus Projector keyboard case  (4)

Connetech iPhone 6 Plus Projector keyboard case boosts your tech connection

In the modern world of technological developments, several hi-tech gadgets have started surfacing. While every other user wants to grab ...

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Innovative charging kiosk concept (1)

Innovative charging kiosk concept makes it smoother to charge your gadgets

Do you find it problematic to charge your smartphone or tablet at public places like train stations and supermarkets? Pavel ...

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Energy drainers sure to have tough time with Truecaller

I still remember a cold winter morning I received a call from some unknown number trying to spam me into ...

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Google's Project Fi cell phone service 2

Google’s Project Fi cell phone service now available without an invite

When we talk about cell phones, one of the most important considerations is the cell phone service. It has to ...

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future of Smartphones (1)

Envisioning the future of Smartphones

We are no future walkers but we love to imagine how things would be by the end of the decade. ...

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 vs Lenovo K4 Note

We cannot imagine our lives without gadgets like smartphones,tablets etc. Our universe kind of revolves around them. There are a ...

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Apps and accessories that are a must-have for your smartphone

While your phone has limited features, it can work wonders with some smart accessories. You can make it to some ...

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Sona Connected Bracelet  (1)

Sona Connected Bracelet includes heart rate monitoring technology

If you are looking for an innovative device which helps in improving the performance of your body and mind, take ...

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Thino OTG USB Charger 1

Charge your mobile faster and smarter with Thino OTG USB Charger

When you want to charge your phone on the go, you generally need a backup battery and USB cable. Now, ...

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World of Tanks Blitz

Top FPS or Shooting HD Games for Android

With a variety of quality games, it has become possible to use your smartphones and tablets for playing even HD ...

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Mighty lets you stream (3)

Mighty lets you stream Spotify without your smartphone

All of us like listening to music on the go. If you think that smart phone dependability is a must ...

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