7 of the Coolest Accessories you can buy for your Tablet

Tablets are everywhere at the moment, with everyone seeming to own one. It’s easy to see why though, as they’re ...

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i phone  5s cover

Best iPhone 5S Covers to protect your cherished handset

The advance functions and utility of the mobile phones have made them a must have for all the people of ...

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The Must-Have Accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S5

So you have just grabbed the scintillating Samsung Galaxy S5 packed with features galore in its petite plastic frame and ...

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Solar Powered iPhone Case_BonjoueLife.com1

Unique and innovative phone accessories worth purchasing

All of us use different accessories for our cell phones and are always on the look out to find something ...

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mobile app_7

Most useful voice changing apps for your device

Voice changer apps are the coolest thing with which you can change in your voice according to your wishes and ...

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Digital scale apps to weigh anything you want

Time has come when you can weigh anything you want with your own weighing machine. Technology has brought you digital ...

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Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Cool Android launchers that are quite awesome

It is so boring to use the same old icons on your Android home screen why not go for installing ...

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teachers app

Apps that are especially helpful for teachers

IT has not only brought a revolution in technology but also has changed the complete scenario of education. Today almost ...

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Baldur’s Gate 1&2 Enhanced Edition

Excellent role-playing games for your mobile device

We all love playing games as they are a lovely recreational activity. Increased popularity of smartphones and tablets means developers ...

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Top action games for Android smartphones in may 2014

A number of new games are arriving, as developers continue to bring a great quantity and quality games. If you ...

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Samsung intros Android game controller for your Smartphone

Samsung has announced a new game controller for your Smartphone. This Samsung Gamepad is companionable with all Android phones running ...

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Apple Takes A Step Ahead..Launches Push To Talk Service for its Users

Push to talk is actually an old concept but this app for the first time is introducing on iOS platform ...

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Four things to consider when creating a website

There are many things to consider when creating a website, whether you’re a fully fledged business or simply setting up ...

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How to get the most out of your phone battery

We all panic when we find out that our phone battery does not last as long as it used to. ...

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6 tips to help you take perfect pet photography

Whether you want to decorate your home with beautiful pictures of your dog or you’d like to promote your pooch ...

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Nokia_Lumia_1320_review (8)-580-90

Top mobile phones manufactures in the world

This is amazing that mobile phones have revolutionized the entire telecommunication system just under a short time. The number of ...

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Sleek, sophisticated & visually stunning: Samsung Galaxy Alpha

If you are a Smartphone freak and a Samsung fan for its comprehensive line of products get geared up to ...

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Deck up your Wrists with New Wearable Watches from Samsung and LG

The Smartphones received a widespread hullabaloo with their launching. Look around and you bet you will come across very few ...

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iPhone 6

Apple makes Sept. 9 event official, hints at more than iPhone 6

Finally it is official- Apple’s iPhone 6 is all set to be launch at the mega event at Flinch Center ...

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Disabling ‘Frequent Locations’ on your iPhone

Do you worry about your privacy or security while visiting locations on your iPhone frequently? However, it will be a ...

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Can I use mobile phone videos on windows movie maker?

I have windows movie maker and I am using android phone. Now I want to import all my mobile phone videos into movie maker but when I clicked on the folder with my videos in it to import them, none of them showed up? Do you have some solutions for this?

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Can you help me to find free mp4 video downloads?

I really want to download MP4 videos in my ipod. Whenever I download any video from internet then sometimes they say it is not compatible for my phone. I really want a site on the internet that has movies in mp4 that I can put onto my ipod. So can anyone

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What is the name of the applications that allowed you to make ringtone for iphone?

I want to know the name of the application that allowed you to make ringtones from your iTunes list on the iphone. I want to create some of my own ringtones because I am little bit music freak. So can anyone list some applications for me? I want to mentio

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How can I change alarm sound to custom sound?

I have done changing alarm sound to custom before but I can’t remember how I did it. I have a sound that I downloaded and would like to make it the alarm sound the clock makes. I can set it as SMS notification but it doesn't show up as an option for the

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Facial recognition software

Software that Reveals Your Emotions through Scanning of Facial Gestures

Technology is progressing so much so that there is a new, interesting and useful technical gadget being invented every single ...

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Cider lets you run iOS apps on any Android device

If you are trying to decide whether to buy an Android or an iPhone then it could be a difficult ...

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Jolla announces the release of Sailfish Smartphone

iOS and Google Android have dominated mobile operating system market, followed by Microsoft Windows and Blackberry 10 OS. However, despite ...

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Coolpad Quattro II 4G: Stock Android minus a hefty price tag

Coolpad, the makers of the original Quattro phone, have come up with its successor called the Quattro II 4G, which ...

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