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5 Best cellphones for people with special needs


The booming influx of cell phones in our lives has managed to woo us with their captivating features. Their surprising ability to keep people in touch with each other, irrespective of the geographical boundaries, has fulfilled our ever changing needs and demands. Not only does it bring a sense of security, but also cell phone bestows a range of exciting features like entertainment, image and video capturing and instant web connections.

Although, such hi-tech phones come with a long list of amusing features, they are somewhere inefficient and incapable to meet the special requirements of different people. But there are some exceptional phones that break the normal conventional rules to cater the needs of special people.

1. Snapfon EZ ONE Cell Phone for those with low vision


This is a GSM phone having a 1.6 inch LCD screen and large number dialing pad. Its white numbers are incorporated on a large black color background keypad, which allows dialing even in complete darkness. Additionally, the keypad can be set onto speak numbers mode, while dialing numbers. Apart from this, the EZ One provides easy features like one touch dialing for up to 8 numbers, vibration alert and hands free speaker.

2. Sanyo 2700 for kids

Sanyo 2700

Designed keeping the special needs and criteria of kids in mind, Sanyo 2700 comes with kid-friendly features like GPS (Global Positioning System) and no web access. Apart from meeting the basic need of security from bullies, it allows proper parental control with limited allowances and timely blocks. This special cell phone will bring a smile on every parent’s face as they can monitor and limit its use due to internal applications and the kid friendly budget offered by various cellular companies.

3. Jitterburg J for seniors

Jitterburg J

There are some seniors who can handle hi-tech I-touch phones with complete fluency and ease as they are well versed with technological advancements and complicated cell phone functions. However, this ratio is very fragile and small as old age calls for weakening of eyesight and reduction in hearing capabilities. Keeping the latter section in mind are built Jitterburg J cell phones with simple menus, a speakerphone with highly audible volume, big fonts, a large keyboard and one button dialing options. The Jitterburg J is amongst these efficient phones with easy and user-friendly functions and a design that is comfortable in the hands.

4. SideKick 3 for those with a severe-profound hearing loss

SideKick 3

SideKick 3 is the ideal cell phone for people who are deaf or suffer from a hearing impairment. A great and practical phone supporting text messaging is a suitable substitute to voice calling. Sidekick 3 is one such phone that is enabled with text message. Not only this, people who are comfortable using sign language can switch to video chats using 4G network through SideKick 3.

5. Net10 phones for those with restricted budgets


Costly cell phones can sometimes be a point of resistance from buying mobiles. Post-paid telecommunication service with a fixed monthly charge can be too expensive for some people. Also, regular per minute charge on voice calling may not fit in any person’s budget. A proper solution to these monetary restrictions is Net10 phone. Net10 offers some cost-effective phones coming for as small as $19 and their call rates charge a nominal price of 10 cents per minute. People who need a phone only for emergency and occasional usage won’t find phones as economical and as cheap as Net10.

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