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How to block an incoming call from Alltel phone?

Is there a possible way to block a phone number from Alltel phone? There are some people who call me many times a day. I don’t want them to call me again. Their calls irritate and disturb me. I want to track these anonymous numbers to the actual phone that it was dialed from and actually block those numbers from calling me again? I want to know about is a way to actually trace the caller with the phone records and block them forever for calling me from Alltel phone. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Hi, so pity that you suffer from such type of calls. I don’t know whether your cell phone does come with the inbuilt option of blocking an incoming call from a particular number or not because nowadays cell phones comes with the option in there setting through you can block the incoming or the outgoing calls.

    To block a particular number irritating you, go into the menu, scroll down to settings. There will be an option named as calls click on it. Under that you can find manage calls and accept calls. Now it is important to understand so be careful, accept calls will allow you to receive calls from the people who calls you or the people in you call list. So this is how you can receive call from anyone who calls you or only the people you want.

    But if there is a dedicated option for block an incoming call then you can block the particular incoming call. I think Samsung has this facility in all of its handsets. If your phone do not have this option than the only thing you can do is contact your service provider and ask them to block the number from which you receive unwanted calls.

    I think there will be no problem from the service providers to block that particular number you are getting disturbed with.

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