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iPhone 5.1 to release this fall with LTE and similar sized screen

The market gets all excited when Apple releases a product. They have just released the new iPad and now, we are hearing about the new iPhone5.1. Apple has been actively working on reducing the connector size for 30 pins to something lesser. This would get them some more space inside the phone. Initially, Apple planned to release the phone with the same 3.5 inch screen, but now they are thinking of making it a bit larger to stand against Android phones with gigantic 4.5 inches plus screens.

iPhone 5

The new iPhone would be compatible with 4G LTE. This was an addition in the new iPad and we can expect it to appear in the new iPhone too this fall. The phone is expected to be released in October 2012, but we can’t be sure of any date.

We can assume October release for so many reasons. There was a big gap of 14 months between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S release. But if the new iPhone would be released in June, then there would be a short time between the releases. Also, we know that Apple has been known to sell their flagships even after an year. So do you think they should release the iPhone 5 so early?

We have observed that the new iPhone is always released with a new iOS release. The last update i.e. iOS 5 was a big leap and they included Siri and iCloud. They took 16 long months for the new iOS 5. Nine months seems too less for them. So we can hope that Apple would release iPhone5.1 in fall this year.

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