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Nokia 5235

Nokia 5235

Nokia arrived with its XpressMusic phones to offer the best quality audio for the music-loving young generation in India. And now, the latest release has been a candybar mobile which has been marketed with the tagline, ‘Nokia 5235 comes with music’. This touchscreen phone offers a load of features other than the standard ones like the camera and music player. The best is the fact that it allows the user to download as music as one desires from the Nokia store and also keep it forever. The TFT resistive-touchscreen phone arrives for a price under Rs 10,000.

Nokia 5235


The 434MHz processor in the phone ensures that the Symbian OS performs excellently. The phone is quick and responsive. Being a music phone primarily, the phone exceeds expectations on the music front. The audio response has excellent frequency response, good dynamic range and low noise and distortion levels. The camera may be a 2 MP one but it is surely the best camera in the 2 MP category. The videos however are pixellated and over-compressed.


The phone has a 3.2 inches touchscreen that can be custom-fitted with a variety of skins and themes. The screen is decently bright and is also very responsive to touch. The phone makes use of the Symbian 9.4 OS with the version 5 interface. The best feature – (we just cannot help repeating it!) – is the connect it provides to the Nokia music store. More than 3400 songs can be stored on the phone which has been provided with a 16 GB expandable memory. The media bar on the phone ensures that you are guided to this music store with a single tap. The excellent Ovi services on the phone help to network socially. The Nokia 5235 also comes with an unlimited phone book capacity – another feature that the youth are bound to love.


For those who have used the Nokia 5230, the 5235 will not be much different save the metallic, shiny ring around the front frame. Unlike the XpressMusic handsets, there are no physical music buttons located on the phone. Shaped almost like the iPhone, the handset has three buttons at the base – the call receiving button, menu button and the back button. It is among the heavier phones in this price range and has been gifted with the best possible display at the price. The haptic-feedback enabled touchscreen may not be visible under sunlight but its sensitivity is good. The media key just above the screen and the touchscreen lock button by the side complete the phone controls. The design is definitely appealing to the eye and ergonomic to handle.


Nokia is a reliable and dependable name in the cellphone industry. It has always delivered on its promise. The Nokia 5235, with its outstanding features comes at a reasonable price. For music lovers, it is simply a treat. The mix seems perfect for the Indian market. It is bound to be embraced in a big way.

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