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How can I reset my htc ozone mobile phone?

Hey guys!! I am using HTC Ozone xv6175 mobile phone and I have two questions to ask you guys; one is that I don’t know how to unlock it and the second question is that what can do to hard reset the HTC Ozone? I have a lot of stuff like unwanted settings and all. So I want to reset the phone but I am not finding the options. Also explain if I would reset the settings, will it delete my contact or will it remain in my mobile phone?

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    I am a computer engineer and have resolved such issues inthe past. I will definitely help you in resolving your issue. I will try toresolve both of your issue.

    To unlock your HTC Ozone xv6175 mobilephone first of all you have to perform a software reset.

    For software reset, first go to thesettings.

    Then go to the phone settings.

    There you will find an option phone locksettings.

    Click on the phone lock settings and putthe password provided in the user manual.

    Then the software reset will automaticallytake place and your HTC Ozone xv6175 mobile phone will get unlocked.

    For hardware reset again go to settings.

    Click on the phone settings.

    Then click on the default settings. Allthe previous settings of your HTC Ozone xv6175 mobile phone will be recoveredautomatically.

    Then switch off your phone and then switchit on again. All the unwanted settings will be lost.

    I hope this information will surely helpyou in resolving you issue right away.

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