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How can I resolve the activation problem with virgin mobile mifi ?

I am having a trouble with virgin mobile mifi. Every time I turn it on, it is not working and shows that it is not activated. I have made an account two days back but still not able to use. I contacted customer care but they said they have registered a complained and will be resolved within 4 hours. I cannot wait for four hours. Can anyone here on the forum help me?

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    These are the steps for using mobile mifi. Now, you have to do this, immediately check which steps you are missing in.

    Firstly, you have to Insert the battery and charge it up. Then, turn it on and connect:

    You can connect to the MiFi 2200 device via Wi-Fi manager on your computer. The Wi-Fi network will pop up as Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 on your Wi-Fi manager. Wait for few minutes and so.

    When prompted, write the password (Network Key) located on the bottom of your MiFi device and click “OK.”

    It is very important to note that do not plug your MiFi device into your computer’s USB port. This will stop the MiFi device from connecting to the internet.

    There is a need to activate and make your account:

    Just follow these steps for this as well:

    Open the computer’s web browser and visit http://virginmobile.mifi.

    Enter “admin” as the default password at the MiFi login screen.

    Follow the prompts to create an account at

    Make sure you write down your Account # and MSID.

    Now, it’s time to program your MiFi 2200 device:

    Enter the new Account # and MSID in the MiFi activation wizard.

    Click “Finish” and your device will restart.

    After the device restarts, reconnect to the MiFi 2200 through your computer’s Wi-Fi manager.

    That’s it. You can start surfing, emailing, and more.

    I hope this will work, otherwise wait for four hours!

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