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Samsung Galaxy S III ROM leaked over the web, set to feature S-Voice

Seems like Samsung Galaxy S III will continue to make the headlines until it is officially released worldwide. Just a few days back we heard the news of rooting S III way before its official release and now the news comes from Android Police that has revealed the leaked version of S3’s ROM. The update is sized at a whopping 800MB, a fact that might send the signals of shocks to your brain; this being one of the biggest sized updates as of yet from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S III ROM leaked over the web, to feature S-Voice

The new version Samsung’s Touchwiz running atop the Ice Cream Sandwich has a huge number of additions to the list of features it could run on this Android phone, the most significant being S-Voice (Samsung’s answer to Siri), Pop-up Play and Smart Stay. Needless to say the 800 MB update is going to possess an ocean of features that will take you at least a few days to explore. Talking about S-Voice, it does a pretty good job in matching up Siri helping you out in navigating through the phone, making calls through voice commands and getting updates on weather.

So you might not have one of the S III in your hand yet but you surely know what it would be made of from inside. Though if you’re looking to update your Galaxy S II or Nexus with this one, we would rather advice you to be cautious as the update might mess up with your device. In case you’re one of those who swims deep enough, can we really tell you what you need to do?

Via: Androidpolice

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