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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 6: It is the bendable screen that has the Apple envious

When it comes to technology then the world is developing at a lightening pace as new gadgets can be seen in the market almost every day. Technology is a very vital part of people’s lives these days and you cannot imagine taking away technology as then life would not be the same. The gadgets that are available today are filled with advanced features and are very much capable of making life smooth and interesting for the users. People like style and speed these days and these gadgets extend them even more.


Many big electronic brands rule the tech market and Samsung and Apple are definitely two of them. Apple is known for its innovative ideas but not anymore as Samsung is here with a much more innovative product. It is a much known fact that Samsung has been overshadowing Apple and now that Samsung has the new Galaxy S4 the news seems to be confirmed. Apple’s new iPhone 6 is facing very tough competition from the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the latter has some pretty cool features to offer.


The most exciting feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 happens to be the bendable screen which is definitely a new feature and has never been encountered before. This bending screen has left every one speechless including the king of new features, Apple. This amazing feature was recently unveiled by the electronics giant Samsung and that is when it came to light that it is a step ahead of Apple. The screens are not only bendable but they are unbreakable as well which makes them even more amazing. You can literally bend them in the way you want and nothing will happen to them.


This new innovative technology is still only introduced by Samsung and none of the gadgets has it yet but it is expected that Samsung will launch such gadgets soon enough. Other than a flexible screen Samsung’s new product will be packed with new and advanced features. According to the reports Apple’s iPhone 6 will lack a lot of features when compared to Samsung Galaxy S4 which is definitely not a good thing for the former. Both Samsung and Apple have a big audience in the tech market and people expect good features from their products and this time it seems that Samsung will take away the cake.

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