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Where can i sell my Water Damage Cell Phone?

       Hi. I am a swimming trainer in California. Most of the time my cell phone get damaged from water because usually I am forced to attend some important call being in water (pool). This time also my Samsung galaxy got damaged from water. Now I have six water damage cell phone, non of them in condition to be repaired. I need to ask is there any market where I can sell my damaged cell phone as I have heard that there are some place where damaged cell phone are taken  to recycle them. I want to make some money out from my useless damaged cell phones.      

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    Hi, put them all on e-bay. This is the quick and easy way to sell cell phone as I work for such type of company I have liquidated many of the old cell phone.

    You don’t have to worry about it when you have latest cell phone as some time even oldest and broken and water damaged cell like get buyers.

    It’s ok that you have a SAMSUNG phone to sell but the only concern is that I don’t know whether they are locked or unlocked ones, if they are locked then try to unlock them all because unlocked cell phone can be sold worldwide.

    This thing does not apply with your locked ones, they are to be sold within the local area as they are in contract with local carrier or service providers.

    Here you will get real value for your cell phone and you need not to go after your friends for selling them all.

    I even sold some of the phones which were dipped not in water but in a cup of tea, so it hardly matters what the damage is, the only thing is that you get a good amount for something useless.


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