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Send a picture to a cell phone from my computer?

I have been sharing my cool pics with my girl friend who is residing in Canada. But we have got some problem. Her laptop has met with some serious problem regarding the hardware and now I am unable to share my pictures. Guys, I am in California and help me to share my pics. Is it possible to send a picture to a cell phone from my laptop? If it is possible, please share with me. I am really very curious to know about it. PLEASE HELP ME.

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    Ohh! It’s a pity that you are unable to share picture with your girlfriend. I understand how you must be feeling. ANYWAYS to send pictures from your laptop to your cell phone you should make sure that your cell phone and laptop are up to date and virus free., for that you have to synchronize the devises.You can synchronize them by connecting both together through the USB cable data connector, connect one end of the cable to the cell phone and other end to the USB port present on your laptop. Now allow the synchronization software to upload on your screen, wait for some time as it will take your some minutes. Now click on the syn option on your screen, once both of your devices are in synchronization with each other then you can easily transfer your picture by coping the pictures folder in your laptop and pasting it into the new folder of your cell phone . that all about it now you can disconnect your laptop and cell phone.

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