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Why can’t I open picture message in Verizon LG cell phones?

Hey guys,
It is indeed a mess that Verizon LG cell phones has frozen to work as soon as I received a picture message from my friend. He just called me and said that he was sharing one picture message with me. So, obviously it’s not a virus but the problem now is that my cell phone is frozen. The screen just says “1 new pix message,” but I can’t open it. When I close it– it does nothing. I tried turning it off many times, but nothing works. Will it work again please tell guys, I need your help.

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    LG’s Verizon is perhaps one of the most user-friendly mobile phones one could ever use. Its multi-functional keypad provides a wonderful experience to the users. It comes loaded with so many features which are very popular in the market today.

    Viewing a Picture Message that has been received is not very difficult. Use the internal keypad, open the flip and press OK to reach the Menu screen. Scroll the navigator keys and reach the “Messaging” tab. Press OK to enter. “Messages” folder would show up, now press OK to enter the folder. Scroll down until you reach the “Picture Messages” folder. Press Enter to view the message in that folder.

    But if you are not able to view the message in this conventional manner, then probably the message has got corrupted while on its way from the sender’s cellphone to yours. Sometimes messages suffer a sort of demodulation while on their way and the recipient is unable to view it. It can be a severe case of morph or it might be a virus.

    You should contact the customer care or visit a service center. Sometimes such things happen to cellphones, but then it could happen to any other machine too. The service center people know the pulse of their product. Visit a store that provides LG servicing.

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